Our Projects

U.K. Based Charities

1. Sikh Welfare Action Team

Three evenings a week, all year round, the SWAT team feed the homeless outside Charing Cross Police Station. On average 150-200 people are served a hot meal and a hot drink. The WIA funds the costs of the meals for one Thursday a month through the year. Volunteers on behalf of WIA are welcome to go along and help with the distribution of food.

2. Asian Family Councelling Center - Project Diya

3. Sangam Association of Asian Women

India Based Charities

  • Delhi

4. Vidya School of Excellence Scholarship

5. Delhi Bhartiya Grameen Mahila Sangh

This is an outreach programme for over 13 villages- vocational education and rehabilitation of women. By providing free crèches in every one of these villages, it enables women to find employment and financial independence

6. Joint Women’s Programme

 Mera Sahara, based in the slums of Noida, UP, which emphasizes protection, care, education and all round development of children. It keeps children off the street, preventing forced child labour and child prostitution. Most of their parents are domestic workers, labourers, construction workers and rickshaw drivers. The community at large is included in the rehabilitation and social activities to spread awareness. Mera Sahara helps place 13-16 year old vulnerable girls into vocational education and training, to prevent child prostitution and child marriages.

Hon Secretary – Pallavi Popli
Visits Joint Women’s Programme at Mera Sahara Centre Delhi.  

She said “it was a heart moving experience. Met young vulnerable children and girls there being protected and supported through education training and care”



- Rajastan

7. Educate for Life

Hunar Ghar, (meaning “skills home” in Hindi), in the village of Bakhel Rajasthan, was envisioned and founded by two teenagers from the UK in 2006. They started with 60 kindergartens and Class I children and three teachers and today serve 258 children from Kindergarten to Year 7, with 21 staff and have an active presence in the community. Their services now extend to pregnancy support, health clinics women’s self-help groups and income generation schemes. They also provide a regular mobile health clinic every fortnight. WIA sponsors the maternal health care and early childhood programme.

Sangeeta Talukdar’s Pictures : –

Taken on her visit to Hunar Ghar, 2 hours drive from Udaipur – 12th Dec 2017.


- Mumbai

8. Vidya Bhavisyayaan

The WIA is in its 5th consecutive year of a partnership with Vidya to fund the running of Bhavishya-yaan, at a municipal school in Ville Parle, Mumbai. This is a skills enhancement programme that addresses the lacunae of the present public school education system at a micro level. The children of classes 6-10 are taught NIIT certified computer courses, vocational and life skills, enabling them to find employment immediately after high school. Currently 120 children enrol in the programme annually

9. Vidya Community Initiatives Cell

- Banglore

10. St. Joseph’s Prashant Niwas

Home for the homeless, currently it houses 400 people who are aged, widowed, orphaned or intellectually disabled.


11. Project Bala