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Please support United Nations’ global campaign to engage one billion men in the advancement of women’s rights.

Dear Members and friends, 

As part of the initiative by the United Nations’ global campaign to engage one billion men in the advancement of women’s rights, the Barclays Group CTO DevTools Team is holding a sponsored challenge to walk, run, swim and cycle along a virtual circular route encompassing all of the sites where team members are based between 1st April and 30 September 2017. I am delighted that they will be undertaking this challenge in support of Women’s India Association UK.


As a team, they need to log 18,278 km in total along a route from Glasgow to Ladbroke via Kiev, Pune, and London.  Across the team, 27 people have volunteered to participate in the challenge which means that each person needs to cover approximately 676km over the 6 month period or just under 4km per day, every day. All distances will be verified using some form of tracking device – Fitbit, Garmin, pedometer or measured using a mapping application.

Barclays has agreed to match the funding raised by its staff members. This means that every £1 donated will be matched by Barclays up to a limit of £1,000 per person (£ 4,000 in total) 

Please do read their message below and click on the link to support them.  Even if each of you gave £5-10, it would make a huge difference!

So don’t hesitate, click now and please forward to friends and family to help keep these wonderful young people motivated!

Thank you in advance for your support!

Anita Martins




Why are we undertaking this challenge?

We are doing this to raise money for charities selected by each of the sites where our team is located.

Why you chose a cause for women to support?

Team members in London had pledged to support the Barclays HeForShe campaign. HeForShe is a United Nations’ global campaign to engage one billion men in the advancement of women’s rights as part of UN Women’s awareness efforts. To summarize one of the five ways to show support for the HeForShe campaign is to support a women’s charity to commit to helping promote gender equality and contribute to community investment.

Why WIA?

WIA aims and activities were mainly to provide relief to needy women and higher education to deserving girls in need amongst other charity causes.

The link to donate to this noble cause is below

Thank you for your help and support

LALITA VASWANI is running a half marathon for charity on September 10, 2017

WIA AGM at St. James Court London, 2017

Tea With Our Patron Mrs. Girja Sinha at India House, London on 11th May, 2017

Spectrum A Festive Mela on 17th November, 2017