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Welcome To WIA UK

WIA UK was founded in 1960 by Her Excellency Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit, Sister of India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. It was conceptualised at the home of the Indian High Commissioner, at Kensington Palace Gardens, London. Since inception, it has been a tradition that the spouse of the High Commissioner of India to be Patron of the WIA.

At that time, the main objectives of the WIA were to strengthen ties between Britain and India and Indians in Britain. Young students coming to the UK were provided with support and links to British and local Indian families by the WIA.

In July 1981 the WIA was registered as Charity, raising funds for projects that reflect the ethos of empowering the women and children and is in the 59th year of continuous service to the Community. In addition, the WIA has taken on a holistic approach to support the homeless and disadvantaged.

The WIA currently supports 9 projects in India and 4 in the UK.  With a membership of over 500 ladies in London, the WIA continues its commitment to empowering women and children through education, rehabilitation, life skills and social welfare.

Our Mission Statement

To empower socially and economically disadvantaged sections of society to reach their full potential through education. WIA primarily supports projects that help participants acquire or upgrade skills and education, be it technical, vocational or entrepreneurial, all aimed at income generation. Some of the other projects we support are a by-product of these like, rehabilitation, maternal health care and child nutrition. In addition we assist disaster relief operations by collaborating with charities working in disaster stricken areas around the globe.


Why WIA ?

WIA is the oldest Indian Charitable Organisation in the UK. It has a long history of commitment to the mission set out by its founder and every Chairperson has striven to uphold the ideals that it embodies. The Committee members all work for the WIA on an Honorary basis and the work is done with diligence. Almost the entire funds collected are disbursed to the charities that are supported at that time with a minimum of overhead costs.


Why is the WIA undertaking this?

With the mission goals in mind, the WIA raises funds which are disbursed to the charities that engage in such activities.


How can I donate?

All you need to do is click the link and you can donate.

India’s Hope

Children are the future as we know. In order for us to achieve our place among the developed nations of the world, we must aim to educate as many children as possible. In India we have unfortunately found that education for the girl child has been neglected. WIA is committed to facilitating a change in this area.

Dear Friends and Members of the WIA,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you into the wonderful world of the WIA, the oldest Indian Charity in the UK. This website is a peep into what we do and stand for, in the field of empowering and supporting those who need it. I hope that you will feel as passionately as I do when you see how far every penny you donate goes towards the betterment of the lives of those less fortunate.

Originally begun as a social platform to help members of the community to find their feet when they came to the UK, giving them a continued sense of support; the WIA has grown in leaps and bounds to become a Registered Charity in the UK, funding many projects both here and in India.

Our initiatives and the charities we support range from promoting education, vocational training and medical care initiatives, to feeding the homeless and counselling the disadvantaged. The WIA relies on the energetic and selfless work that its Committee Members and supporters provide, to collect and disburse funds to these initiatives. All the
Committee Members provide their services in an honorary capacity thus keeping administration costs at a minimum.

As I have always maintained, I am very passionate about empowering the women and children, especially the girl child, but this is not exclusive and my focus is on reaching out to help as many people as we can in order to bring some succor and joy into their lives. I urge you all to support the WIA in whatever way you can, every little bit helps.

As we approach the 60 th year of exemplary service to the community, I am truly honoured and very grateful to be the Chairperson of the WIA. To walk in the footsteps of a stalwart like Mrs Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit, who founded the WIA in 1960, is no mean task but I am sure that with the help and support of you all, I will be able to continue to make a difference to as many lives as possible.

With very warm regards,
Aseela Goenka
Chairperson WIA

Dear Member and Friend,

Thank you for the overwhelming support WIA has received for the last fifty-seven years. It is through your generosity that we are able to continue to offer vulnerable women and children OPPORTUNITIES. Opportunities to become self-sufficient and financially independent. In order to minimize disparities and improve social justice for women, adequate opportunities need to be provided to equip them with competencies to raise their levels of income. Our task is to make that possible.  We primarily run projects that help participants acquire or upgrade skills, be it technical, vocational or entrepreneurial, all aimed at income generation. We take a holistic view of a community and therefore, some of the other projects we support are a by-product of these like, maternal health care, child nutrition and facilitating microfinance. Last year, I visited some of our projects and spent time talking to our beneficiaries. Mostly, I asked them why they enrolled in our programme.

Tayyab said, “I am a student of class 5. We are seven brothers and two sisters. My mother runs a tea stall to support my brothers, sisters and me.  My dream is to be educated. And to wipe off tears from my mother’s face.”

Bushra said,  “I was married off at a young age to a man who is mentally challenged. We had no source of income. l was determined to change this. I joined the sowing class and slowly my skill and my confidence increased. I now sow and sell quilts, which enables me to run my household and send my children to school. My life is transformed by MAGIC.” At WIA, we have no paid employees or trustees.  Every single person works on a voluntary basis!  So, what drives us?  What drives us is the powerful notion that we CAN make a difference! We hope that our energy and passion is shared by like-minded people like you. A lot of the magic we create comes from you. We are able to continue our commitment to Tayyab and Bushra, and much more like them, because of YOU. So, please take a look at our various projects, and click on the “DONATE NOW” button, to empower more women and children.  YOU are the reason women and children continue to have hope. Should you require any further information, or would like to get more involved with Women’s India Association, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you in advance for your Support!


Anita Martins


Why Women & Children ?

Team members in London had pledged to support the Barclays HeForShe campaign. HeForShe is a United Nations’ global campaign to engage one billion men in the advancement of women’s rights as part of UN Women’s awareness efforts. To summarize one of the five ways to show support for the HeForShe campaign is to support a women’s charity to commit to helping promote gender equality and contribute to community investment.

We strive for a better society

You need to help us change the way children and women in India survive. Let’s stop the discussion about survival and focus on life instead! Help us help them make a better life and a future for them and entire country as a whole !



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